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Character Coaches

What are the roles of the FCA “Character Coaches”?

Character Coaches could take on a number of different roles, but all of them stem from the role of a servant-leader. Here are some other common roles:

  • Lead and coordinate pre-game devotions.
  • Provide personal care to players, coaches and support staff.
  • Alert the coach to critical issues that could affect his or her program.
  • Be available and equipped at all times to help in crisis situations.
  • Provide wisdom and resources for character development.
  • Pray for, encourage and exhort players, coaches, coaches’ families and support staff.

How do I become an FCA Character Coach?

FCA wants to provide teams with the best trained, most effective Character Coaches that they can, so we have created a process:

  1. Meet with you local Character Coach Coordinator and/or your local FCA Area Director.
  2. Complete a Ministry Leader Application at
  3. Complete the one evening Character Coach Training with your local FCA Staff. No cost.
  4. Meet other character coaches in your area.
  5. On going communication with the FCA Staff for planning, prayer, resources, etc...

Church Partnerships

Getting our coaches and students involved in a local church is very important to FCA. Many of our FCA staff members across the nation serve as Pastors, Elders, or Deacons for churches in addition to their roles within FCA.

We need you to connect us with your church. We also want to help promote church events. Let us know about special youth events so we can promote them among our weekly Huddles.
Here are some specific ways we need churches to be involved:

  • Squad Days
  • Counselors at our evangelistic events
  • Volunteers for our ministry programs
  • Monthly Financial Partnerships

Adopt A Coach

Coaches are the key! You reach a coach and you reach a team! This ministry is designed for you to pour encouragement & prayer into a coach. Do you like to serve? Do you like to encourage? If so, this ministry is for you.

What is required?

  • Monthly contact through hand written letter or note.
  • Constant prayer for them.
  • Birthday cake during the week of their birthday.
  • Communication with our office - contact:

Some suggestions:

  • Ice cream gift card for coach and his/her family.
  • Small care packages during Holidays.
  • Send an anniversary reminder.
  • Attend some games.
  • Got a pond? Allow them to fish in it.

Opportunities are endless...

We are always looking for ways that FCA can become more involved in the community and ways that the community can become more involved in FCA.

You will find on this page some great opportunities for you to make a HUGE impact on both FCA and the Community.

We are looking for volunteers who...

...are believers in Jesus Christ.
...are seeking an obedient walk with Christ.
...are desiring to serve Christ through their gifts and abilities.
...are active in a local church.
...are wanting to minister to athletes and coaches.
...are athletically focused.
...are willing to live out the FCA Values – Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence.
...are willing to fulfill the tasks of a Ministry Leader.

If you would like to be an FCA Volunteer please call our office at 229.227.9201 or email Lyle (LWITCHER@FCA.ORG)!


Ministry Leader Application

If you are interested in being involved with FCA as a volunteer you must complete a Ministry Leader Application (MLA). You will find the FCA experience to be one of the best investments of your life!

This application MUST be completed for all adult leaders who work with youth under the age of 18.

To complete an MLA click here!